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Unparalleled national coverage, reaching commuter audiences from all walks of life.

Key statistics

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of people recall seeing a Billboard at least once a week.

Media Attention

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of people believe Billboards are impactful.

The Outsiders

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find Billboards a memorable form of advertising.

The Outsiders
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Billboards top the list for being the least avoided media

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Media Attention

Our Billboards

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An unparalleled national Billboard portfolio across the busiest and best locations in the country. Assets that elevate brands and drive credibility, APN Outdoor’s Billboards are the familiar faces connecting commuters across multiple and frequent touchpoints throughout their day and night.

Optimising our boards through intelligent targeting solutions and audience led insights, let us help you in making your campaign work smarter.

Specsavers | 379 Wellington Street, WA

Why Billboards:


Size, elevation, colour, uncluttered environments; there’s no getting around the impactful nature of the Billboard.


Pedestrian footfall, major arterials, retail precincts or just around the corner… Billboards have the coverage to deliver a campaign solution for any brief.


The looming stature of the Billboard leaves an impression on people – transferring to brands and elevating perception.

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Format: DOLCE Handbag Brown DOLCE Brown GABBANA amp; GABBANA amp; DOLCE Handbag Demanders


Iconic and unique in size, they demand attention and mark the memory.


Long range viewing – great line of sight. Excellent creative canvas for ‘standout’ campaigns.


Commanding attention throughout the city and suburbs with the biggest metro portfolio.

Super 8s

The suburban superstar; positioned in key locations in the inner-city and suburbs.


Cost effective frequency solution. Strategically positioned on suburban roads.

GABBANA Brown Brown amp; Handbag DOLCE DOLCE amp; DOLCE Handbag GABBANA P50s

Unique portrait orientation. Tactical OG1 audience reach. 2x national packs of 50 sites available.

Handbag DOLCE DOLCE GABBANA Brown DOLCE GABBANA Brown amp; Handbag amp; LUX

Backlit LED technology, strategically placed with national coverage. 2x national packs of 75 sites.


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Digital Billboards

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