Everyone who see you carrying this bag will be impressed with how it looks. This satchel bag has a very modern design. The bowed double handles of this bag are made of a dark brown color. They have been attached with gold m, metal embellishments at the tops of the panels. The dipped cut of the panels has a roll of dark brown leather added to the middle of this area. The inside line, the sides and the bottom if the bag are also made of a dark brown leather. The panels have also been made of this same leather. These panels are covered with gray leather inserts. These vertical panels have been stitched on with gray thread. A dark brown shoulder strap has been added to the sides with gold metal attachments. A dark brown tassel and a colorful strap has been added to one handle.

Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx
Satchel Blue Boston Signature Canvas Trotteur 867244 Monogram Dior F0B7H
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Gray Inserted Satchel Women's Bag Panel

Inserted Women's Panel Bag Gray Satchel q4r74tx

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Whether you’re looking to learn how to make a slideshow with music, a video slideshow to promote your product, or a fun video to share with followers on social media, Animoto’s got you covered. Animoto is a slideshow maker that lets you easily drag and drop your own photos, text, logo, and even video clips to create a fully customized marketing slideshow in minutes. We’ll show you how.

Using our slideshow maker

Step 1: Log in to Animoto

The first thing you’ll need to do is log in to Animoto. If you’re not already a customer, you can click here for more information or sign up for a free trial.

Step 2: Select Animoto Marketing

When you click the CREATE button, you’ll see the option to use Animoto Memories or Animoto Marketing. Animoto Marketing is designed to help you create professional videos to market your business. Animoto Memories is our product for creating videos for personal use. So if you’re making a slideshow video for your business you’ll want to select Animoto Marketing.

Bag Gray Women's Satchel Panel Inserted

Bag Satchel Panel Inserted Women's Gray

Step 3: Choose a pre-built storyboard

Next, you’ll want to select a pre-built storyboard, which will serve a as a template for your video. You can drag and drop your own images to replace the ones in the storyboard to make the slideshow your own.

Women's Gray Inserted Satchel Panel Bag

Inserted Bag Satchel Women's Panel Gray For this example, we’ll choose the “4 Reasons to Smile” storyboard. This storyboard is square, optimized for social media. But we also offer landscape storyboards, and you can change the aspect ratio of any storyboard to suit your needs.

If you don’t see a storyboard that suits your needs, select START FROM SCRATCH at the top of the screen and you can create your own storyboard.

Step 4: Customize your video slideshow

Once you’ve selected a storyboard, it’s time to customize it.

Add photos

The first thing you’ll need to do is add photos (and video clips if you have them). Just click the UPLOAD button to add assets that represent your business. Then, drag and drop them to replace the existing media in the video.

Tell your story

Next, change the text to tell your story. Since we’re a video company, we’re going to upload video-related images and turn this “4 Reasons to Smile ASAP” video into a video about “4 Reasons to Use Video to Market Your Business.” But you would create a video related to your business. And don’t forget to finish off your video by adding your logo!

Choose your music

You can also change the music to suit your video. Just click on the “Music” icon on the left side of the screen and select from the collection of tracks in our music library.

When you’re done, simply click PREVIEW and PRODUCE and your video is ready to share.


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