Beige Brahmin Gator Tote Leather Embossed Tan Croc q7gRnOv76
Beige Brahmin Gator Tote Leather Embossed Tan Croc q7gRnOv76
Product type Wallets & cases
Ref. 178265
Season Fall/Winter
Manufacture China
Construction Injected
Colour White
Upper/Ankle Synthetics
  • clés Fur LAGERFELD Miror KARL Porte Blanc White wUHqAIPax

    Taking outdoor advertising to unimaginable new heights

  • Increase brand awareness … Create some buzz!

  • Real-time ad buying, analytics and innovative ad campaigns!

Digital Bulletins (14’x48′)

Premium locations on busiest thoroughfares, major highways, roads and intersection often on landmark sites

KARL Porte Fur clés White Miror Blanc LAGERFELD

Digital Posters (under 300 sq. ft.)

Cost effective for small businesses great for targeting communities and neighborhoods


Porte Blanc LAGERFELD clés KARL White Miror Fur Vinyl Billboards (sizes vary)

Great for promoting brands in premium locations require six-month or annual contracts.

For additional information on Atomic’s Large Format Wichita Digital Network – click to download “Size Matters” which compares the Atomic large format network & footprint to lower priced local digital poster networks.


Buy Online!

Fliphound is the first automated on-line buying platform for billboards. From building your campaign, creating artwork, to making payments, and monitoring campaign effectiveness we make it easy to buy and execute billboard campaigns.

Fliphound provides several options for advertisers to execute ad buys: Packages, Real-Time Bidding, and Contracting. It is all about providing options and flexibility to advertisers and digital marketing experts. Advertisers can buy guaranteed impressions and set up campaigns using the Packages and Contracting functionality. Real-Time Bidding allows advertisers to bid for inventory and execute campaigns on demand in real-time.

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Leadership Team

Doug Robertson Chief Executive Officer

Founded Robertson, Piper Software Solutions Group, Inc. (RPSG) and served as its CEO and President. Prior to RSPG he was heading Platinum Equity’s Silicon Valley practice. He has raised and invested more than $75+M and returned $300+M to investors. Doug is a co-founder of Fliphound.
KARL Fur White Miror Porte LAGERFELD Blanc clés

Porte White clés KARL LAGERFELD Blanc Miror Fur Brandon Shuey President, CTO, Co-Founder

A former CEO/CTO of KeyCentrix & FlexTrax Solutions with more than 20 years of experience as a software architect with multiple patents filed. Additionally, he was a participant in that made an exit in 2000. He is a recongnized entrepreneur and member of the Electrical Engineer 2012 Pipeline Innovators class, sponsored by Microsoft & The Kauffman Foundation. Brandon is a co-founder of Atomic BIllboards and Fliphound. He has developed software used daily by the Atomic sales team to generate outdoor campaigns.

clés Blanc Miror White Fur LAGERFELD KARL Porte Jeff Robertson Vice President of Development

Jeff has more than 20 years serving in senior management positions in the financial services industry, divided between New York and London. He oversees billboard owner relations and Fliphound’s network growth since 2016.
clés Fur LAGERFELD Miror KARL Porte Blanc White wUHqAIPax
Beige Brahmin Gator Tote Leather Embossed Tan Croc q7gRnOv76